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Only HUM offers Ride Assurance™, a built in protection that makes sure your liability is covered.
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Frequently Asked Questions

100% of fares? Is this real?

Yes! It’s a simple model, actually. Drivers sign up, pay a low monthly subscription, then keep 100% of their hard-earned fares and tips (less credit/debit card transaction fees).

What is Ride Assurance™?

While other rideshare companies may talk about delivering safe and satisfying rides, we back our claims up. Nobody else offers Ride Assurance™, built-in protection that makes sure the journey with us is insured. Passengers are charged a small per mile fee for Ride Assurance™. This covers the cost of Liability and Personal Property Damage. This is not part of your fare. Learn more on our Ride Assurance™ page.

What subscription plans are available?

HUM Drivers enjoy a hassle-free experience with our subscription model. Following the free trial, you'll be billed on a monthly basis with no binding long-term commitments. The subscription rates are found on our Start Driving page.

Where do I get started?

Visit our Start Driving page to get started.

Where do I get my free HUM sticker and vehicle inspection?

Drivers can receive their vehicle trade dress stickers and courtesy vehicle inspection at one of the following Firestone locations in Arizona:

- 8301 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix

- 241 W Osborn Rd, Phoenix

- 6915 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale

- 1141 E Bell Rd, Phoenix

- 930 E Baseline Rd, Tempe

- 445 N Greenfield Rd, Mesa

- 922 S Val Vista Dr, Gilbert

- 2825 W Carefree Hwy, Phoenix

- 13475 Litchfield Rd, Surprise

- 1820 N Pebble Creek Pkwy, Goodyear

- 3501 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson

What is the $5 off coupon?

During the free trial, HUM will be  marketing for new passengers to grow the business. HUM will offer a $5 off coupon that will be deducted from the earned fare. Even with this $5 deduction, you are still ahead and making more money than with the others! All cancellation fees after yours to keep. You are not required to accept any ride if you choose.

How do I get paid?

HUM has partnered with Stripe to provide a safe and reliable payment processing system. Stripe collects the fare from the passenger's payment card and credits your account directly. This ensures your bank account is kept private through one of the largest financial service providers in the US. When you log into Stripe through the HUM app, you are connecting directly with Stripe. Your data is not collected by HUM.

How to Set Up Your Stripe Account Through the HUM app

1. Download the HUM Drive app
2. Click on your profile twice
3. Scroll to the bottom and select 'Connect Stripe' button. (Important Notes: if you are already connected, it will say 'View Stripe'. Once you click the button, it will direct you to Stripe Financial Services)
4. Follow the prompts on Stripe. Input the same information you used to sign up with HUM    
- Enter your email, OTP (one-time password), then select "Continue".    
- Enter your required information then select "Continue".    
- Enter your own website URL or enter    
- Select account for payouts (Choose bank account or debit card) and save.    
- Review details, agree, and submit.

GPS Best Practices - How to Prevent Poor Location Tracking

To accurately track rides, we need location updates from your GPS while you are driving. Here is how to make that happen:

Best practices:
Regardless of your device, there are several things you can do to fix poor location tracking. Use the following tips to improve GPS accuracy:

- Plug in your phone: Devices attempt to conserve battery when they're not charging. For some devices, running on battery alone may mean location tracking is poor. Always keep your phone plugged in, even when fully charged.

- Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: All devices use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to locate your device. Turn both Wi-Fi and 'Ask to Join Networks' on.

- Use a phone mount: Location tracking works best when your phone has access through a window. If your phone is in your center console or pocket, you may experience poor location tracking. We recommend mounting your device in a safe location using a mount.

- Close unused apps, especially others that may be using your location.

- Keep your software and app current and up-to-date. Update to the latest phone software available. Apple and Android devices will release updates that may improve your phone’s location accuracy.

- Get a new phone: To get the most accurate GPS, we recommend upgrading to the newest phone model if you can. Older phones may have outdated GPS antennae, which can cause poor location tracking.

- Do not talk and drive: Avoid making phone calls on your HUM-enabled device during a ride. Some networks don't allow data usage and phone usage at the same time.

- Start and stop safely: Only start or stop your rides in the app when your car is completely stopped. Stopping completely helps us track your location more accurately.

- Wait a bit: GPS accuracy depends on the number of visible GPS satellites. Locating all visible satellites can take several minutes. Give your phone a minute or two to find these satellites before getting on the road.
   - Adjust your time settings: Make sure the date, time, and time zone are correct on your device. To check this:
-- Go to your device's Settings
-- Tap 'General'
-- Tap 'Date and Time'
-- Change your Date and Time to 'Set Automatically'
-- Always restart: When updating your software, app or settings, restart your device.
-- Never restart or shut down your phone during the course of a ride.

How do I access the Driver Handbook?

The Driver Handbook can be accessed HERE. To stay in the know on any and all updates, you can set up change notifications by using the instructions found here: Managing Notifications for Edits.

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