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HUM's Terms of Use:

  • HUM is a subscription business. HUM subscriptions begin at $29.95/mo. No contracts/cancel at any time.
  • You will earn 100% of the fare, tip, cancellation, and wait-time fees (less any credit/debit card merchant fees – typically 3%)
  • Passengers are charged a small per-mile fee for Ride Assurance. This covers the cost of Liability, Personal Property Damage, and benefits to protect you. This is not part of your fare. Learn more at
  • During the free trial, HUM will be busy marketing for new passengers to grow your business. HUM will offer a $5 off ride coupon that will be deducted from your earned fare. Even with this $5 deduction, you are still well ahead and making more money. Fees for any cancellations after arrival or wait time are yours to keep. You are not required to accept any ride if you choose.


HUM is making a massive improvement on an otherwise stale model