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Our promise is an enjoyable experience without the absurd fares.
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Reasonable fares, always.

We don’t believe in premium pricing or surge charges. Because we take care of our drivers, your fares remain steady and reasonable.
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Rest assured

Safety is our top priority. Our Zero Tolerance Policy means we can monitor driver behavior and penalize unsafe habits to ensure you arrive safely.
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Drivers keep 100% of their fares

Every dollar spent in HUM is transparent, earning more money for the driver without extra cost to the rider.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply my promo code?

Your $5 reward code can be applied in-app within the ride request flow. If you haven’t received your promo code yet, have no worries – they already exist within the app upon download!

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Where can I use HUM?

We are active in Phoenix, AZ! Be on the lookout for our arrival in your city by following us on Instagram and subscribing to our emails. Let us know if you’d like to see HUM in your city next.

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How do I request a ride?

Download the HUM rideshare app, create your account, and request your ride. The HUM app is designed to be intuitive and provide the convenient ease-of-use you’re used to. Simply open the HUM app, insert your destination address, select request, and a HUM driver will be on their way.

Can I use more than one promo code?

As HUM doesn’t earn any money from fares, HUM Drivers honor individual $5 promo codes. To ensure they are supported, riders are limited to one coupon per ride.

Can I pre-schedule a ride?

Yes! To pre-schedule a ride, simply open the HUM Rideshare app and select the "clock" logo in the upper right corner of the map. Input your pickup and destination address, select your date and time, and schedule away!

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HUM is currently operational in Phoenix, AZ. Let us know if you would like to see us in your city.

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For drivers in Arizona, download the HUM Driver app.
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